Burgers and Brews Happy Hour Menu

happy hour 4 - 6pm

Half-Off Appetizers Nightly from 4pm - 6pm
Available in Bar & Lounge only

the apps
crispy wings $10.99
crispy shrimp $11.99
"totchos" $8.99
buffalo cauliflower $9.99
pot stickers $8.99
clam chowder $6.99
caesar salad $9.99

featured brews $6
crispin pacific pear cider, 4.5%.
dogfish head 60 minute ipa, 6%, 60 ibu
santa fe imperial java stout, 8%
brooklyn lager, 5.2%
leffe blonde, 6.6%

when beer’s not enough
apple up $10
crown royal apple, green apple juice,
cinnamon schnapps, cinnamon, martini

coco loso $9
ciroc coconut vodka, pineapple juice

jalapeno margarita $10
espolon blanco, fresh jalapeno,
sweetened lime & lemon juice, st~germaine

18% service charge added to parties with 6 or more guests

Inquire about reserving space for your special occasion. 1- 702-797-1873 or Julia.Ingalls@pngaming.com.

*Thoroughly cooking food of animal origin, including but not limited to beef, eggs, fish, lamb, milk, poultry, or shellstock reduces the risk of food borne illness. Young children, the elderly, and individuals with certain health conditions may be at risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked.